About Shelby County Community Charity

Shelby County Community Charity is based in Shelby County, Kentucky. It was incorporated in 1996, to help a young cancer patient and his family. Throughout the past several years, the Charity has raised more than $1,000,000 that has been returned to Shelby County residents!

Take a few minutes and get to know the Charity, the people and agencies we have helped in the past, and continue to help today. Get to know Michael Long, the young boy whose illness triggered the charity. Take a look at some of the pictures we have included from our fund raising efforts. You may see someone you know personally, or someone you recognize from the local, state or national scene!

Board of Directors

These are the people that keep SCCC running!
2024 Michael Long Gold Scramble Flag
Each and every one of us has an obligation – a responsibility to take care of our brothers and sisters regardless of race, nationality or age.

It’s become normal to accept that you, as one person, cannot make a difference. As long as you accept that, you cannot make a difference. Don’t ignore the needs that surround you, but make an effort to help others in need.

Helping Others

Discover how we are helping people.

Shelby County Community Charity
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